Modern Warfare 2 File Size: How Many GB Is Call of Duty – Modern Warfare?

What is the storage requirement for Modern Warfare 2? Do you want to know how big Modern Warfare 2 is?

One of the most anticipated games of 2022 is Modern Warfare 2. Some people are wondering about the file size of the game now that it has been released worldwide. The only thing they want to make sure is that the file size isn’t too large.

Let’s find out how many GB Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has.

How Many GB Is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 2022?

According to Infinity Ward, Modern Warfare 2 will require at least 72 GB of RAM at launch. For the game to install, you will need 125 GB of free space on your PC, according to Steam’s system requirements.

The Modern Warfare 2 file size now sits at over 100 GB on PS5 and 61.040 GB on PS4 following the day one patch, which usually comes with major bug fixes and other improvements. Xbox users will have to download 131 GB of data to play the game.

The detailed Modern Warfare 2 file size for different systems is as follows.

The following are the game sizes for the following campaigns: Campaign 1Campaign 2Co-OpMultiplayerWarzone 2Day 1 update size: TotalPC 125 GBXbox 37.4 GB-17.0 GB8.0 GB5.2 GB60 GB131.5PS435.490 GB7.244 GB11.598 GB3.242 GB5.490 GB2.968 GB66.032PS536.201 GB9.025 GB7.118 GB2.86 GB4.97 GB2.5

Depending on the region, the game size may vary. It may be necessary to go to the store to find the exact Modern Warfare 2 file size. The final size of the game could change if Infinity Ward releases more patches and content.

Modern Warfare 2 System Requirements

To help players check if their hardware is compatible with the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Early Access requirements, Infinity Ward released a list of recommended and minimum specifications.

Find out if Modern Warfare 2 will run on your computer.

Windows 10 – 64 Bit (latest update)Windows 10 / 11 – 64 Bit (latest update)ProcessorIntel Core i3-6100 / Core i5-2500k or AMD Ryzen 3 1200Intel Core i5-6600K / Core i7-4770 or AMD Ryzen 5 1400GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon RX 470NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 580Video Memory2 GB4 GBMemory8 GB12 GBStorage75 GB at launch72 GB at launch

Check out Modern Warfare 2’s competitive and Ultra 4K PC requirements here if you’re looking to run it at maximum capacity. With these settings, you can achieve a high frame rate with a high refresh rate monitor or 4K resolution.

Modern Warfare 2 controller settings and how to fix lag before you leave.


In conclusion, the file size of Modern Warfare 2, one of the most popular and critically acclaimed first-person shooter games, can vary depending on the platform and the version of the game. With its stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and extensive content, Modern Warfare 2 offers a rich and intense gaming experience. 

However, it is important to note that the file size of the game can be quite large, requiring significant storage space on your device. As gaming technology continues to advance, file sizes of modern games are likely to increase to accommodate higher-quality visuals, more detailed environments, and additional content. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure you have sufficient storage capacity before installing and playing Modern Warfare 2 or any other large-scale game.


What is the file size of Modern Warfare 2?

The file size of Modern Warfare 2 can vary depending on the platform and the version of the game. On average, the file size ranges from approximately 15 GB to 30 GB, but it may be larger if additional downloadable content (DLC) is included.

Does the file size of Modern Warfare 2 differ between platforms?

Yes, the file size can vary between different gaming platforms such as PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. PC versions of the game tend to have larger file sizes due to higher-resolution textures and other graphical enhancements.

Can I reduce the file size of Modern Warfare 2?

The file size of Modern Warfare 2 is determined by the game’s developers and cannot be directly reduced by users. However, you can manage your storage space by uninstalling unnecessary files or games to free up room for Modern Warfare 2.

Do I need additional storage space for Modern Warfare 2 updates?

Yes, updates for Modern Warfare 2 can often include new content, bug fixes, and improvements. These updates may require additional storage space on your device, so it is recommended to have some extra space available to accommodate them.

Will future games have larger file sizes?

It is likely that future games will have larger file sizes as developers strive to deliver more immersive and detailed gaming experiences. With advancements in graphics, audio, and gameplay mechanics, games are becoming more demanding in terms of storage requirements. Players should anticipate larger file sizes and ensure they have sufficient storage capacity for upcoming titles.

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